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Studio Facilities

1. Audiences sit on chairs, benches, cushions and dhurries.

    SS does not have any permanent seating arrangement. We also have:

                      — 2 Profiles, 4 each of PCs, PARs & Fresnels; a dimmer and a control console;

                      — projector and projection screen (but bring your own laptop);

                      — 4 mics, amplifier and speakers (but not a sound mixer).


2. Please note that if you need any special arrangements, you should explicitly ask us. Do not assume that we have it.


3. Tickets: We don't have a fixed ticket price for shows at SS. Performing groups can choose whether to have a fixed price, or to collect voluntary contributions from the audience after the show. Either way, the collection is split 50-50 between the performing group and SS. Note, however, that SS needs to be covered for Rs 2500 per show.


4. Maintenance charges: We do not have a single, fixed rental. Tell us what you need it for, and for how long, over how many days, and we can work out a rate that doesn't hurt either you or us.


5. Tech run: We give about an hour for tech run, apart from setting up of lights. But, if you need additional time with lights, you pay Rs 300 per hour.


6. Air conditioning: We have two ACs, and they are turned on an hour before the performance. In case you need them to be used in addition to this (including for meetings or workshops), you pay Rs 150 per hour.


7. Publicity: Getting an audience for your show is critical for you as well as us. We send out emailers to our database, and post on FB. But the main thrust towards getting an audience has to be by the performing group. Please reach out in all possible ways to your fans, friends, family, etc. Remember — a thin audience impacts the post-show collection. At SS, we give priority to groups that are able to draw their own audiences. Promote on these sites as well, they do not charge for shows which are non-ticketed: delhieventseventshighdelhitheatre.

If any of the above is not clear, or if you have further queries, feel free to ask.


8. If you are making a poster:

Our name is Studio Safdar and not Safdar Studio.

Write 'All are Welcome' and not 'Free Entry'.


9. You may use the following in your poster, messages etc:


Studio Safdar

Advisory: Avoid driving. Finding parking is tough. If car unavoidable park at Shadipur Metro station's parking.
Metro: Shadipur on BLUE line 
Directions: Shadipur metro – Exit Gate No. 5 – Satyam Cinema – cycle ricksha – ‘Biyaasi number’ – May Day next to Rahmat Medical Store.


10. As we will also promote your show, we need a few details. For the same, I have attached a word file. Fill it and revert to us by Y (a date month before the date of performance).


11. Further Inquiries : Call Priyanka at 9873073230

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