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Shadipur Natak Utsav 2022


Shadipur Natak Utsav 2022


Shadipur Natak Utsav is a unique theatre festival.


Being held at Studio Safdar, an alternate theatre space in Shadipur, the festival is unique for the following reasons:


– The plays have been selected by a curatorial committee consisting of local residents of Shadipur. 

Naseem Akhtar (shopkeeper), Ravi Kumar Otwal (tea seller), Kamlesh Kumari (gardener), Iqbal Husain (sales executive), Dheeraj Sharma (tailor), Ramphal Singh(retired shopkeeper)

– The curatorial committee was led through a workshop on the concept of curation by Sanjna Kapoor.

– The 7 plays being presented are from 4 cities: Kolkata, Chattarpur, Mumbai and Delhi.

Day 1. Sat 12 Nov. Kaali Odhni. 60 minutes. Anubhuti - The Dramatics Club of Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi. 

The Play Kaali Odhni is an adaptation of The House of Bernarda Alba written by Govind Nihlani. 

The play "Kaali Odhni" is set in the hinterland of Rajasthan. The play showcases an upper-cast controlling mother, who rules over her five unmarried daughters. The environment of this HAVELI is so constrained that passion, envy, anger, and despair explode. The women react to their mother’s abuse in their own unique ways out of frustration and rage, and the play culminates in bloodshed.

Design & Direction : Amit Tiwari

Script: Govind Nihlani


Sunidhi Khanna

Megha Chhayadi

Suhani singh

Anoushka Kaushik

Tanisha Ruhil

Khushi Narwal


Naina Seth

Technical Team:

Priya Malhotra


Day 2. Sun 13 Nov. The Big Bad Wolf. 45 minutes. Rang Pravah Theatre Group, Mumbai. 

This delightful Muppet play tells us the story of a big bad wolf who is on the run and is causing havoc in the jungle. He encounters 3 funny little pigs, each of whom has built a home to safeguard themselves. Also, there’s Gudiya Rani who is all set to meet her Nani and will have to pass the dangerous jungle with the Wolf. Do the pigs manage to save themselves? Does Gudiya Rani manage to reach safely? Do they survive or do they fall prey to the wolf? The play is a combination of live actors and Muppets that inhabit the dangerous jungle.

Direction: Kapil Dev

Dialogues devised by: Reshma Shetty and Kapil Dev


Kunal Vijayakar

Reshma Shetty

Sayalee Meshram

Vivek Kumar

Kapil Dev

Technical Team

Puppets and sets: Kapil Dev

Lights & Sound: Rajesh Tiwari

Day 3 Sat 19 Nov. Jungli Booti. 30 minutes. Sanlokam, Delhi.

Angoori and the narrator are probably in their teens. yet, their thoughts and values carry depth to portray how societal norms control a women's emotions and stipulate who they should love or not. The fact that they may be in their teens and still harbour such ideas goes on to show how societal notions impact children from a young age. The influence of this belief that love is a sin is so immense that Angoori feels like a victim for falling in love. She wonders where she went wrong and how such strange thoughts spring from within her when she never accepted any sweets or wildflowers from anybody.

The story is a damning one about patriarchy's tight grip on how we think and perceive our thoughts. It shows its complicity in thought policing girls and consequently constraining their identities and selves.

Cast - 

Manish Gora 

Anshika Mishra

Team - 



Divya Soni


Ayushi Jina

and Khol Do. 20 minutes. Shruti Ghosh, Kolkata. 

Khol Do is a twenty minutes long solo performance piece. It is based on a short story by Sadat Hassan Manto having the same title. It depicts the horror of partition of India (1947) which engendered one of the largest displacements in human history and the violence perpetrated particularly on women. 

Day 4 Sun 20 Nov. Daastaan-E-Guru Nanak. 70 minutes. Atelier Repertory Company, Delhi. 

Daastaan-E-Guru Nanak is a musical daastaan, about the life, journeys and teachings of Baba Nanak, the spiritual guide, traveller and philosopher. The performance looks at the idea of “Oneness”, Baba Nanak proposes with his verses. The Daastaango (storytellers) narrate and sing simultaneously and create an intimate milieu of divinity and soulful togetherness.


Kuljeet Singh

Gaurav Suri

Guneet Kaur

Dr. Mansi Grover

Shiv Shambhu Singh

Atelier Repertory Company Production

Day 5 Sat 26 Nov. Letters to the unborn children of Fatima Jahan. 60 minutes. Santoshpur Anuchintan, Kolkata. 

“Letters to the unborn children of Fatima Jahan” is a story that deals with the tumultuous emotional journey of a young adolescent girl from a small village of Ludhiana Punjab.

Cast & Crew 

Ranjita Roy  

Priyabrata Chowdhury 

Tridip Saha 

Samar Mridha 

Nayan Sadhak 

Biplab Naskar 

Rahul Sardar 

Gaurav Das 

Soumen Chakraborty ( 

Bandan Mishra 


Playwright, Design and Direction: Dr. Gaurav Das  

Day 6 Sun 27 Nov. Park. 70 minutes. Shankhnad Natya Manch, Chhatarpur, M.P. 

PARK, a play by Manav Kaul is about three people in a park fighting for their place. There are three benches in park but they (people) do fight for one - another. The play is basically a satire that touches upon those things which are at a premium these days – space – literally and metaphorically. What starts off as light-hearted banter evolves into a serious conflict about space, territory, and ownership; these become the main issues.

Cast, Crew & Credits :

Abhideep Suhane

Shivendra Shukla

Sarvesh Khare

Sakshi Dwivedi

Ravi Ahirvar

– This time we have 5 ticket prices

General public: Rs 200.

Student: Rs 100 

Shadipur residents: Rs 20. 

Children below 13: pay as you like. 

Ricksha wallahs and other daily wage earners: free.

– The festival is being organised without any corporate, government, or foundation support, using local resources

-For the promotion of this festival we gave a call for Actor Volunteers. This team of volunteers performed a small skit in the lanes of Shadipur encouraging people to attend this festival in large numbers.

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