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Shadipur Natak Utsav 2023

Shadipur Natak Utsav 2023


Shadipur Natak Utsav is the most exciting and unique theatre festival primarily oriented towards the residents of the neighborhood of Shadi Khampur in Delhi. 

This was the third edition of Shadipur Natak Utsav. We got an overwhelming response from Shadipur kids in the first two times. So,this year, it was the festival of PLAYS FOR CHILDREN. Many people from the theatre world encouraged us and shared their experiences for this festival. 

Ratna Pathak Shah on plays for children

Naseeruddin Shah on plays for children


The festival was originally scheduled to start on 9 September but the date had to be postponed to 16 September because there were restrictions on public gatherings in Delhi because of the G20 summit.

Plays for the Shadipur Natak Utsav were selected by a 5-member curatorial team: Kritartha (Theatre Teacher), Teena (Student), Sonia (Primary School Incharge), Rajni (Teacher), Dheeraj (Tailor).

The curatorial committee was led through a workshop on the concept of curation by Sanjna Kapoor.


The committee selected 7 plays from 5 cities: Mumbai, Kolhapur, Jaipur, Kolkata and Balaghat.


Day 1. Sat 16 Sep. Buddy. 30 minutes. Rang Pravah Theatre Group, Mumbai. 

Buddy is a story about the friendship of a lonely old man and a stray puppy dog. A charming story - appropriate for all ages, told with String Puppets and Shadow Puppets.


Direction : Kapil Dev



Kapil Dev

Reshma Shetty

Kunal Vijayakar



Rajesh Tiwari

Day 2. Sun 17 Sep. Raja Nang Dhadanga Hai. 20 minutes. Tiny Tales Theatre Company, Kolhapur. 

"The Emperor's New Clothes" is a fun story about human vanity and the fear of truth, wisdom, stupidity, naivety, and incompetence. It reminds us of the never-ending human desire for power, material things and good position in society.



Kalpesh Samel

Pratiksha Khasnis 

Mahendra Walunj


Amir Sheikh

And Bade Bhai Sahab. 25 minutes. Breathing Space India, Jaipur. 

A famous story by Premchand revolves around two brothers studying in school. Despite his thorough engagement in play, one brother succeeded without any hurdles, and big brother failed despite word-to-word memorization of the books.


Cast and Crew:







Day 3 Thu 21 Sep. Bags of Gags. 45 minutes. Rednose Entertainment, Mumbai. 


In a world dominated by flat screens and virtual connections, Clown Tinu and Clown Kamla

believe that true happiness lies in sharing real moments.

These two are no ordinary clowns.

They are eternal vagabonds in search of magic!



Sagar Bhoir 

Shreeram Chaudhari


Written and Directed by

Rupesh Tillu


Executive Producer

Mahika Sharma



Rohit Bhosale


Day 4 Fri 22 Sep. Kabul Ke Parindey. 66 minutes. Santoshpur Anuchintan, Kolkata. 

'Kabul ke Parindey' is a musical fantasy drama that tells the story of Sultan Amanat Ali and his Parindas (birds), who ruled the skies of Kabul, flying from one place to another until a group of foreign invaders under the leadership of an evil bird called " Darinda ” invaded their skies and snatched it from them.   

This play is all about finding your invisible wings and creating your sky so that nobody in this world can bog you down or steal your dreams.

Cast & Crew 

Nayan Sadhak 
Samar Mridha 
Biplab Naskar 
Priyabrata Chowdhury 
Bikash Mondal 
Surojit Mondal 
Partha Ghosh 
Rahul Sardar 

Tridip Saha 
Somnath Naskar
Barsha Mondal 
Reshmi Mondal 
Puja Mondal 
Rina Mondal 
Mina Mondal 

Sayantani Das 
Ranjita Roy 

Light Operation

Sashanko Mondal

Music Operation
Bandan Misra 

Direction and Design
Dr. Gaurav Das 

Screenshot 2024-05-29 14.08.02.png

Day 5 Sat 23 Sep. The Land of Mea Lilo. 50 minutes. Move with Joy & Small Tales, Mumbai. 


The work focuses on the joy of imagination and play through the exploration of banal everyday objects by two heartwarming and not-so-perfect characters. The performance puts value in sharing unfiltered emotions and using a minimalist approach to language with elements of clowning and physical comedy, making it very relatable for young watchers and also connecting to the inner child for grown-ups. 



Dipna Daryanani & Priyanka Babbar


Sound design 

Rohit Das

Keith Antony Sequeira 

Ritesh Malaney


Light design 

Asmit Pathare


Lights operation

Kunal Sharma

Screenshot 2024-05-29 14.24.15.png

Day 6 Sun 24 Sep. Hil Mil Kar. 45 minutes. Swangvale performing arts and social work samiti, Balaghat. 


Hil Mil Kar is based on Pancha-tantra ‘s Mitrasamprapti, originally told By Pandit Vishnu Sharma.

It’s an ancient tradition based on hearing and internalizing knowledge. Instead of shastras or books, it is based on stories through which all knowledge is explained and shared and teaches us to live with harmony, bliss, and love 



Dhanendra Kawade



Supriya Kawade 



Nupur Kawade

Ghanshayam Gaonkar


– We had 5 ticket prices

General public: Rs 200.

Student: Rs 100 

Shadipur residents: Rs 20. 

Children below 13: pay as you like. 

Ricksha wallahs and other daily wage earners: free.

– The festival is being organized without corporate, government, or foundation support, using local resources.

- For the promotion of this festival we gave a call for Actor Volunteers. This team of volunteers performed a small skit in the lanes of Shadipur encouraging people to attend this festival in large numbers.

- Children of Shadipur enjoyed it very much and came in large numbers

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