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Kitaab Ghar : Studio Safdar Trust Library 

In May 2015 we announced the opening of the library every  Sunday 10am to 12 noon. This initiative is to draw in the kids of the neighbourhood into a journey with books.  

Many children of all ages have in different ways shown an interest in books. In each sesson there are 30-35 kids. Some have been coming regularly for the past two years. 

At the end of each session there is group story-telling, reading poetry, singing  or engaging the the kids through theatre.

What the library needs urgently are at least six to eight volunteers who will be the readers for the younger kids and also initiate some small activity.


Location: Studio Safdar, Shadi Khampur, New Ranjeet Nagar, Near Shadipur Metro Station, New Delhi 110008

What is the expected work: Very simple. Read out stories from illustrated books for smaller kids. Engage the older ones with more interactive reading. Conduct a fun activity around books, stories, songs.

Who can apply: Anyone! If you enjoy being with kids and are interested in and books and reading. If you can give dedicated-focused time.


What will be the duration: Every Sunday from 10am to 12 noon for at least three months.


What will you get: You will get deep satisfaction and a sense of sharing. Kids are great. And an appreciation letter from us!  


Where to apply: If interested, you can call us at 9868254822 or write to us at

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